Tumbleweeds Definition

Tumbleweeds is a virtual creative studio. We create business cards and brochures. Banner ads and websites. Logos and branding. Social posts and strategy. And so much more.


Similar to traditional agencies, but we are not bound to the walls around us. We all work from our home offices and are in constant communication throughout the day. It doesn’t mean we will always be like this but for now, it works. It allows us to keep our costs focused on our clients needs. We share files, collaborate through phone call or video chat, schedule face-to-face meetings when needed and have a flexible schedule that allows us to meet with our clients more frequently. Our focus is to help people who care about their business as much as we care about ours. We are based out of New York and have strong relationships with talented freelancers as well as vendors from all over the U.S.

We hand-pick the talent we keep and are always adding to the team to make sure we have the right people for each and every project. Our goal is to create a relationship with you and understand your business so that we can proactively help with any and all advertising and marketing needs. We look at each client and each project as a new opportunity, a new story, a new adventure.